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PerfectByte Practice Management Software Tips & Tricks Did you Know?
1. Copy Last Visit Did you notice the little button on the top right of the Visit form? This will copy commonly re-used fields from the previous visit saving time on selecting things like facilities, diagnosis codes, and prior authorization number.

Check Out The New Scheduler  Our new scheduler is available from both the PerfectByte main menu and the regular scheduler menu. It has a faster and more flexible user interface, and contains some neat new features. From the main menu, its located on the Jump To section on the left. From inside the scheduler, there is a link in red on the menu that says "Try the New Scheduler".

3. Procedure Groups Creating Procedure Groups for commonly used sets of procedures can save a lot of time by automatically adding all of the procedures in the group at once. Look for the Proc Group button on the Visit Form.
PerfectByte has training videos that are available online for your specialty. You can drastically reduce training time for yourself and employees by taking the time to watch these very useful videos! The videos are based around completing certain tasks like:

• Customizing chart labels
• Batch posting insurance checks
• Post payments

There are many more! Just go to the support section of for your specialty.
Main Article - Exporting Data from PerfectByte
Exporting Data from PerfectByte
PerfectByte has many different ways to extract your data. Its your data, and you should have access to it whenever you want. This article summarizes the ways your can export your data. Click the link above to read the full article in PDF format
Latest News
01/04. There have been issues with the product Microsoft Security Essentials, which was released in late September 2009. It has been found to cause data corruption on networked systems.  If you are using this software on computers that run our software, please uninstall it and use an alternate security product. It is a home use product and not intended to be used in a business environment. 01//06. Follow us on Twitter! We will be using it for up-to-date information on updates, tips & tricks and more! Don't worry, we won't be sending more than 1 or 2 a week.
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01/11. We have set up a Facebook Account. We would love to see you connect with us, see other fans and connect with other users! kjk
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Special Offers
Refer a colleague For every office you refer that purchases our software, you can receive a free paid year of maintenance or referral bonus check of $150 for dental specialties, $500 for medical specialties,  and $800 for Orthodontic specialties - You choose!
Recent Enhancements
Search Feature You can now search by any part of a name or notes using the Search Tab on the Main screen.

Revision History You can access the revision history from the Help menu. This will show you all of the changes & enhancements made to the program in the order of newest to oldest date.
Support Information
ph.          386.767.7007
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