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Adding an Appointment



To add an appointment, double click on a time slot OR click Add Appt at the middle top right of the screen.


Scheduler > General > Adding an Appointment



Resource Code: The resource code will default to the column/chair in which you are adding the appointment.

Date/Time: These fields will also default based on the date and time where you are adding this appointment.

Duration: The duration will pull from your default setting in General Settings, Administration, Scheduler. You can change this if necessary. OR when you select an Appointment Description from the list as described below the duration will complete with the default for that particular appt description.

Name: Click on the look up folder and select the patients name for your list of existing patients and click Select.


Scheduler > General > Adding an Appointment > Select Patient



If this is a new patient click you can click Add Patient and enter the patient in to your database.

NOTE: You can enter all patient demographics for this patient or minimal information. The patient information screen only requires that you enter the Patients Name, Date of Birth and Sex.

Click OK to add this patient to your list and click Select to add them to this appointment.

If the patient select has a known Allergy or Medical Condition an alert will appear allowing you to access that information.


Scheduler > General > Adding an Appt > Select Patient > Medical Alert



Desc of Appt: You can manually type in the description of the appointment or select an Appt Description or Procedure code from the lists.



Appointment Descriptions

Procedure Codes

Rescheduling - Drag/Drop