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Appointment Color Blocks



Select Appointment Color Blocks from the List menu at the top of the scheduler to assign colors to specific times, resources and days of the week for certain procedures.

Scheduler > Lists > Appointment Color Blocks > Insert



Click Insert to add a new color block.

Description of Appointment Color Block: Enter a description for your color blocking.

Dates and Times: Select the days you wish to be effected by this color block by checking the box to the left of each desired day. Then enter a start and end time for your color block.

Restrict to a Specific Resource: If you want this color block to only affect a specific resource or chair, select that here using the look up folder.

Only for a placePlaceNameLimited PlaceNameDate PlaceTypeRange: You can set a range for your color blocking by checking this option and entering a date range.

Color Selection: Click Select Color to choose a color for your block.

Show Description in Colored Empty Slots: Check this option to show the color block description in the empty appt slots.

Click OK to save your work. Click Insert to add more color blocks to your scheduler.