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Appointment Confirmation Module



You can also confirm appointments by using our Appointment Confirmation Module.

Click on Appointments at the top of the screen and drop to To Be Confirmed.


Scheduler > Reports > Appointment Confirmation Module


placePlaceNameDate PlaceTypeRange: The appointment date at the bottom will default to the date that was highlighted before you entered in to this area, however you can change this to include a date range or another individual date as desired. Click to access a calendar and select a date for the week you wish to confirm. Or just type the date(s) in manually.

A list of patients for the selected dates will appear with appointment date and time, contact information and reason for appointment.

Tag/UnTag: As you confirm each patient double click to tag them or highlight the patient and click Tag or Untag in the task pane as applicable.

Mark as Confirmed: Once you have tagged patients you can click Mark as Confirmed in the task pane to the left of the screen. This will remove them from the list and mark their appointment as confirmed on the main scheduler screen as STATUS: Confirmed.

Print Appointments to Confirm: You can also print a list of appointments to confirm from this screen if you wish to review them that way.

Click Close to exit the Appointment Confirmation Screen.