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Batch Print Encounter Forms



Reports > Patient Reports > Batch Print Encounter Forms



placePlaceNameDate PlaceTypeRange from Scheduler:

Reports > Batch Print Encounter Forms > By Schedule Date


Enter the date range for the appointments you are trying to pull encounter forms for and select your doctor or type ALL to pull in patients appointments for all doctors in your practice. Click OK to process. This will bring all patients with appointments within the date range select and put them in the right side of the encounter form list.

Step 1: You can also add patient individually. If you choose to do that, then enter a date to print on all your encounter forms.

Step 2: Type the patients name on the left to search for a particular patient, highlight a patient on the left and click add to add them to the list. To remove patients from the list, highlight the patient on the right and click remove.

Once the list is created and reviewed click Print Encounter Forms located at the top left of the screen.

NOTE: Encounter forms are created and customized by designating CDT codes and Diagnosis Codes to print on encounter forms in the in Master List CDT and Diagnosis codes area.