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Billing Parties


Billing Parties refers to the person or persons who are responsible for the final balance on account for the patient. The billing party can be the patient, parent, guardian or other.

Primary Billing Party: If the primary Billing party is the patient this field will be prefilled with the patient’s name, no selection is necessary. If other than patient; click the look-up folder to the right of Primary Billing Party and select from the list. If the primary billing party is not already in the selection list, click Insert to add.

Entering Patients > Billing Parties


Enter the Primary Billing Party Name and click “Same as Patient” if the address is the same as the patients address. This will copy the patients address to the billing party information.

Add the Primary Billing Party information as applicable and click OK to save your work. Now from the Billing Party list highlight their name and click select to choose this as the primary billing party for this patient.

Repeat the above steps for Secondary Billing Party.