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Clocking in and out



Your employees will clock in and out by selecting their name using the drop arrow on the signin screen and clicking IN or OUT.


When they click IN or OUT any messages left for them will appear. They can acknowledge and clear messages or click done to leave them in their message queue for later.


If the employee has no messages they will get the Clock In screen.


Figure 11.11 Timeclock > Clocking In/Out



If the employee is late they can put a message in Employee Remarks.

If everything looks normal the employee can just click OK.

NOTE: You’ll see you can also track employees by Activity, Department and location, this is not required but can be set up as a default in the employee information area if you wish to utilize this feature.


If the employee was out sick or on vacation the day before they can access the Vacation/Sick Time tab and enter their sick/vacation time used. This should be done when clocking in and cannot be access when clocking out. Your administrator can also add vacation/sick time for you in the Administrative Functions section.


Figure 11.12 Timeclock > Clocking In/Out > Vacation/Sick Tab