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Continuation of Treatment


Click on Cont. of Treatment to input the insurance companies payment installment schedule and downpayment information.

Continuation of Treatment


Click Add New Plan to create a COT schedule for your insurance company.


Continuation of Treatment > Add New Plan


Step 1. Add Plan Information

Insurance Company: Select the insurance company for this COT plan using the look up folder .

Total Charges: Enter the total charge for the entire service.

CDT Code: Enter the appropriate CDT code for your COT billing. Usually, D8670.

Insurance Responsibility: Enter the total amount this insurance company is responsible for.

Insurance Down Payment: Enter the downpayment amount that is the responsibility of this insurance company.


Step 2. Choose When to Pay

Select the Due Day of the month for 1 to 3 Months, for monthly or quarterly payments. Select the number of installments and the Payment Start date.

If you do not want to manually bill for this COT because the insurance company automatically pays you monthly or quarterly, you can select that option here by clicking on Do Not Bill – Ins Pays Automatically.


Step 3. Calculate Payment Plan

Click Calculate Payment Plan to calculate the installment payments based on the above criteria. Click Clear if you need to change your criteria and try again.

Remarks: You can enter remarks for your COT billing by entering the information in the remarks field. This will print in the appropriate area on the CityplaceADA form.

Click OK to save the COT plan. To print a COT form. Click and tag the desired month(s) and click Print Continuation of Treatment Form.

NOTE: You can also print COT forms in a batch mode or submit them electronically.


You can also print a report of the COT plan for the patients chart. Click Print COT Listing under Actions.