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You can print a customize payment plan contract by using this feature. The contract will be completed with all the selected information from this patient’s payment plan.

NOTE: Payment Plan contracts need to be created in General Settings, Documents and then selected here. Please refer to Chapter 2, View Documents for instructions.

Click Documents to begin.

Click Insert in the Task Pane to the left side of the screen.



Actions > Documents



Click Pull from Current Letters at the bottom right corner of the document screen.

Highlight your payment plan contract and click Select.

Enter a Doc Description, in the space provided at the bottom of the screen. You may want to enter a description that identifies this contract for the particular patient.

Click OK to save the contract.

Once you click Print, the payment plan information will come in to the document, print and the contract will become a part of the patients permanent letter file for future reference.

Click Close to exit the Documents screen.