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Click on Insert to create a new document for the selected patient.

EasyView > Documents



At this point you can create a new letter by typing in text and adding data tokens on the right as desired OR you can click Pull from Current Letters, at the bottom right of the screen, to access the letters you’ve already created in General Settings Documents. [Please refer to General Settings Documents for instruction on how to create form letters]

EasyView > Documents > Insert



When you click on Pull from Current Letters you will be able to select from the letter you have already created, this is a great time saver. Highlight the desired letter and click Select to bring this letter forward into the patient letter area.


Figure 6.9 EasyView > Documents > Pull from Current Letters



Now type the Doc Description at the bottom of the screen and click OK to save the letter for this patient.


EasyView > Documents > Doc Description



Once the document/letter is saved, you can Print, Change or Delete as necessary.

Click Close to exit the Documents area.