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Entering Charges



Click Add Item to enter a charge.


Entering Visits > Charges > Add Item




Date of Service: Will automatically pull from the Visit Date field. You can change this if the date of service is different.

Procedure Code: Enter the appropriate Procedure code for this service or select it using the look up folder .

NOTE: Your Procedure code and price must be entered in to the Procedure Code Master List in order for prices to automatically pull forward for the selected service/Procedure. Or you can just enter charges manually as desired.

Click the box to the right of the look up folder if you wish to access Procedure information directly from the scheduler for this date of service.

Quantity: Select quantity as applicable.

Amount: Should prefill from Procedure Master Lists for the fee schedule associated with this visit. If not you can manually enter it here. Be sure to split the Insurance balance and the patient balance accordingly.

NOTE: Be certain that the Amount = Ins Amount + Patient Amount.

Access calculator by clicking on the to the right of Patient Amount.

Click Extras to access and select a specific Doctor or Assistant for this CDT code [will default to doctor and assistant already selected for this visit so you only need to change if applicable for this particular service] and check the Date Entered, Primary Billing Party or Override Description of Service, if necessary.

You can also supress this charge from print on either the Insurance form or patient statements by selection checking “Do not print on Insurance Forms” or “Do not print on Statements” at the bottom of the screen.


Entering Visits > Add Item > Extras


Click OK to save your work. Add additional Charges by clicking Add Item again until you have entered all services fort his visit.

NOTE: This is an optional area, you do not have to click on Extras since this data defaults from the visit; unless you need to modify it.

You can also add charges from an existing Treatment Plan or a CDT Group.




Add [Charges] from Treatment Plan

Add [Charges] from Procedure Group