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Entering Visits


To create a new visit, click Add Visit in the task pane on the left side of the main screen. Or right click in the visit box at the bottom of the screen and select Add Visit.


Entering Visits > Add Visit



A preview of the Patients Information appears on the left of the screen for easy review.

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Ins Code: These fields will automatically populate with the insurance information from patient information. However, if ins changes and resubmission to new ins is required you can change these by selecting the appropriate company using the lookup folder to the right of the field.

Primary/Secondary Billing Party: This information also pulls from patient information.


Treating Doctor: will pull in from patient information but can be modified by selecting another doctor using the look up folder .

Billing Doctor: If the Billing doctor is different than the treating doctor you can make that selection here.

Supervising Doctor: This area is almost exclusively used by oral surgeons or other specialties and orthodontists requiring claims to be submitted on the CMS-1500.

Referring Doctor: Pulls from patient information or a different referring doctor can be selected if applicable.

Assistant: Select the assistant here or default will pull forward from the patient demographics screen.

Fee Schedule will also pull from patient information and can be modified as applicable.

Place of Treatment: Select the location where the treatment was rendered.

Visit Date: On the right side of the screen Visit Date will display and will default to the date you are entering it. You can change this date if services were rendered on a different date. By changing this date as a first step all line item charges will then reflect that date.

Statement of Actual Service: Mark appropriately for the claim you are submitting.

Pre-Treatment estimate: Check this box if the visit you are creating is for Pre-treatment estimate only. This will insure that the claim format is correct and that these charges do not appear on patient statements or your accounts receiveable until they are actually rendered.

Medicaid Claim: If the claim is for a Medicaid patient check the box here.

Pre-Authorization #: If a pre-authorization number is required for this claim enter that information in this field.

Epsdt: If this claims is eligible as a well child or EPSDT claims then check this box as applicable.

Signature on File: Refers to the patients approval for release of private health information if requested by the insurance carrier. This can be set as a default in General Settings, Administration, Defaults and will pull then from the patient information screen to the visit. However you can change this as necessary.

Accept Assignment: Authorizes payment of the claim directly to the provider of service. Again this is a default that can be set up in General Settings, Administration, Defaults which pulls in to the patient information and then to the visit but can be changed as necessary.

First Visit Date of Current: Enter the date of the first visit for the current condition.

Is Treatment Result of: Accident, Auto, Employment, Neither. Select if applicable and enter State if Auto accident. Record the Date of accident by clicking on the placePlaceNameResults PlaceNameDescription PlaceNameDate PlaceTypeState button.

Form Type: Select appropriate form type for printing, CityplaceADA forms, HCFA-1500 or DentiCAL forms.


Designation for orthodontic treatment and initial placement date as well as treatment months remaining are located in the blue tab area to the right of the visit screen. You can also indicate Enclosures of Radiographs and Models as applicable.

Entering Visits > Add Visit > Ortho



Current Responsible: Which is above the OK and cancel button on the lower right side of the screen displays the person or insurance company code that is currently responsible for the balance.


Denti-CAL Info: Check any applicable Denti-CAL fields.

If you select Form Type: DCAL for Dentical Claims an additional tab will appear where you can enter DentiCAL specific information.




Entering Charges