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Initial Setup


Click on Administration to begin the initial set up.


Figure 11.1 Timeclock > Administration



Click Modify Preferences to set up your defaults.


Figure 11.2 Timeclock > Administration > Modify Preferences



Create an Admin Password to secure this area from being changed by other users.

Warn Employee when working past normal quit time. Set to Yes or No using the drop arrow.

Do not count as early or late if less than this many minutes: Use drop arrow to select grace period for checking in. timecard will still reflect actual log in time but warning will not come up.

Overtime Period: You can selected Weekly or Daily according to your preference.

Overtime After: Based on the overtime period you selected, enter the number of hours that constitutes overtime.

Pay Week Starts On: Select the day of the week that the pay period starts on by using the down arrow.


Click OK to save. This will take you back to the Administrative Functions screen.


Click on Maintain Info under Employee to set up information for your individual employees. Click Insert to add an employee.