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Initial Setup



Enter default settings for the PerfectByte Scheduler. Click on Settings at the top of the screen in the menu selections, go to Administration and then Scheduler.

Administration > Scheduler


Scheduler Duration: This information will dictate what your scheduler will look like. You can set it to 15-minute increments, which is the most common setting OR you can set it to your most common appointment duration.

Use Color Blocking for Openings: Check this option to enable color blocking. This is used to colorize different times of the day for specific reasons. You may wish to decide on this option once you have used the scheduler. You can always enable color blocking in the scheduler if you decide you like this option.

Scheduler Start & End Times: Enter your start and end times for each day of the week. If you leave these fields blank they will automatically default to 8am to 5pm. If you are open at the same time every day you can click Set All to set every day to the same time OR set each day individually as applicable.

Appointment Descriptions: You can enter appointment descriptions and apply color to further customize your scheduler. Click Insert to enter new appointment description, enter description, duration and select color if desired. Click OK to save your work.

Administration > Scheduler > Appt Descriptions


Patient Flow Refresh Rate: You can also set the patient flow screen to fresh with changes by adjusting the refresh setting. 100 for every 1 second so for every 30 seconds for instance you would need to enter 3,000.




Appointment Descriptions