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Insurance Payments


Click Add INS Payment to add an Insurance Payment.


Posting Payments > Insurance Payments



Step 1 – Choose Insurance that made the Payment

Insurance Code: The Insurance Code should default to the Insurance company currently responsible for the balance. If it is not the correct insurance company for this payment, click the look up folder to select the appropriate company/code for this patient.

Step 2 – Enter Payment Amount & Type

Payment Method: Select by clicking on the down arrow. We default insurance payments to Check but you can choose a different method if applicable. Check Number is required.

Payment Amount: Should default to the current insurance balance. Change this amount if different.

Continuation of Treatment: Continuation of Treatment installments can be set up for the insurance company you can select which installment payment you are applying the payment to and or apply a payment to the Insurance Downpayment. You can also click on View COT to review the payment history.

Co-Ins: if the patient has a responsible copayment for the payment made enter that amount here. Or select the responsible part, secondary ins for instance.

Deductible: Enter any amount being applied to the deductible and select who is responsible for it in order to transfer appropriately.

NOTE: By entering a deductible amount in this area it will automatically be tallied as applied deductible for this insurance company in this patient's insurance information screen.

Adjustment: Enter the amount of the adjustment and select an adjustment type. You can change the adjustment amount and type per lineitem if desired.

The payment amount should distribute automatically among the listed charges. However if the payment is not distributed correctly, double click under each Pay Amount, Adjustment Amount etc. until they are correctly distributed.

NOTE: ALL Pay Amounts in this list MUST equal the Payment Amount at the top of the payment screen. If you get the following error your individual Pay Amounts will need to be corrected to equal the total Payment Amount.

Posting Payments > Insurance Payments > Error



Optional Information

You can enter a Note for this payment and/or change the Payment Date if other than default, which is date entered. You can also enter the Adjudication Date, which is the date the insurance company actually processed the claim.

Click OK to save this payment.

Finally for your records and tracking purposes, if the claim has been forwarded on to another insurance company you can check the box “Claim Information has been forwarded to Supplemental Insuror”.