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You can create your own letterhead which can be triggered for all letters in the program.

Administration > Letterhead



There are two methods for creating your letterhead.


Use a graphic that you create with your logo and text already placed on the graphic. Click Insert Picture, browse for the location and select.


Suggested 300DPI, dimensions 7in X 1in. Try inserting the graphic with and without the option to Scale Image to Fit insert checked to see which produces the best quality. Generally the best method is to bring the image in full scale and then dragging the corners of the graphic in manually to resize.


The second option is to use the mini word processing tools at the top of the screen to create your letterhead.

NOTE: To check your letterhead results, you can select a patient from the main screen, click “Actions for Highlighted Patient” in the upper right, drop down to Documents. You’ll see a check box to “Print Document with Letterhead” make sure that box is checked. Now, click insert, select a letter, save and print.