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Medical Conditions and Alerts



Medical Conditions and Alerts can be accessed from several locations:


From inside the patient demographics screen located in the Task Pane on the left of the patient screen, under PT Extras select Medical Conditions.


From the Main Screen, Click Actions for Highlighted Patient and select Alerts and Medical Conditions.


From EasyView, on the main screen, left side Task Pane, Click EasyView and the select the Medical Conditions button at the bottom of the screen. NOTE: The Easyview screen can also be accessed from the scheduler by right clicking an appointment and selecting Display EasyView.



PT Extra > Medical Conditions


Medical Conditions can be added for this patient by clicking on Medical Conditions in the task pane to the left of the patient information screen.

Click Insert to add a Medical Condition.

Condition Code: Click on the look up folder to access you list of conditions and allergies. Click Insert to add a new condition. Create a Condition Code to represent this condition, enter a Condition Description and Select a Condition Type [Medical Condition or Allergy]

PT Extra > Medical Conditions > List


NOTE: Once you create a list of conditions you can access this list for every patient to streamline your data entry.

Highlight the appropriate medical condition for this patient and click Select. Enter a start and end date for this condition if applicable and modify the description if necessary.

Click OK to save this Medical Condition for the patient. You can select as many Medical Condition as needed in this section. When you’re finished, click Close to exit the Medical Conditions screen.

Once this data is entered for a particular patient; Medical Conditions can be accessed from here as well as from the EasyView section of the program or the Scheduler.