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You can enter Treatment Notes, Visit Notes, Patient Notes and Procedure Notes from the visit which can be accessed from various locations throughout the program.


Select the Type of note you would like to enter to view existing notes.

Click the Treatment Notes button to access the notes area for entering new Treatment, Visit, or Patient notes.

NOTE: Outbound referral and Chart notes can be viewed from this screen; however, must be entered from those specific areas of the program.

Entering Visits > Notes


The screen will default to the last note type accessed by this station. However you can select other types of notes to enter by using the Note Type drop list.

Once you have selected the Note Type you can Click Insert to enter new notes.

You can lock this note from being modified by clicking the box “Lock This Note”

Click OK to save your note.

You can view Notes in two ways, regular notes view or EasyView by clicking the tab at the top of the notes screen.