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Notes can be accessed from several locations:


From inside the patient demographics screen located in the Task Pane on the left of the patient screen, under PT Extras select Notes.


From the Main Screen, Click Actions for Highlighted Patient and select Notes.


From EasyView, on the main screen, left side Task Pane, Click EasyView and the select Notes on the left. NOTE: The Easyview screen can also be accessed from the scheduler by right clicking an appointment and selecting Display EasyView.



PT Extra > Notes




Notes can be added to this patient’s permanent record by click on Notes in the task pane to the left of the patient information screen. The notes area can be used for capturing specific information about this patient, including tracking phone calls from this patient.

You can enter Patient, Treatment, Visit or Procedure Notes from this screen as well as viewing Outbound referral notes.

Click Insert to add a new note. Who Entered: is automatically completed based on the user information for this computer. Enter the Date and Time of the note of different than default, which is current date and time. Type in the content of your note and click OK. You can also Lock this note from being changed by checking the Lock This Note option at the bottom of the screen.


PT Extra > Notes > Insert



You can Insert additional notes, Change or Delete existing notes [if note is not locked] and Print notes.

Click Close to exit Notes.