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EasyView > Overview



Current Status: The patient’s current status shows at the top of this screen [if you have colors selected for your statuses the patients name will be in that color]

Photo: The patients default photo will appear on this screen.

Last Diagnosis: If you utilize diagnosis codes the patient’s last diagnosis will appear under current status.

Outstanding Balance Due: Patient balance appears in red. Calculates Payment plan balances due now.

Address: The patient address from the patient information screen will appear on the overview screen.

Treatment Plan Progress: This shows the treatment plan progress and pulls from the Treatment Plan Info on the visit, Billing Tab, from and to date.

Notes: Notes can be added from this screen. They are sorted from most current at the top backwards chronologically. You can add Patient Notes, Visit Notes, and Treatment Notes from this screen as well as view Procedure Notes, Outbound Referral Notes and OrthoChart Notes. Click on List View to view all the notes options.

Medical Conditions and Allergies: The number of medical conditions and allergies, if any, will appear on the button at the bottom right of the screen. The button will also appear in red if medical conditions or allergies exist. Click the button to access this information.

There is also a 30 character NOTE: on the bottom right of the screen, appearing in green, that pulls from patient information. This is used for a brief note on the patient in general; like hobbies, language spoken, etc.