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The scheduler will open full screen and default to today’s date and the daily view.


Scheduler > General > Overview



You will notice a calendar at the top left for quick navigation from day to day. Click on any day to view the desired day’s appointments.

In addition this calendar will show the number of patients scheduled for each day so that you can quickly review days where appts might be available.

You have a variety of Scheduler Views to choose from. Daily, Weekly, view by Resource, or Full Screen. Click on the different options available to you under View on the left side of the screen in the Task Pane. The preferred view is the daily view.

You can navigate to different days by selecting the day in the calendar above, or using Date Select on the left side of the screen in the Task Pane to move quickly to a desired day.

To add an appointment double click on any time slot, in any column; OR click Add Appt at the middle right of the screen. Complete the appointment screen, select the patients name and click OK.

Once a patient is added you can see general information about their appointment and an alert regarding any known Medical Conditions or Allergies.

You can right click on any appointment to change that status of the appointment or to Display the Easyview section for a quick review of the patients information.