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Patient History


You can create a custom patient history form in this are that can be completed and stored for each patient.


Administration > Patient History


Click Insert to add a new patient history item to the form.

Administration > Patient History > Insert



Group: You can organize your patient history form in to sections by selecting group headings to categorize like items. [i.e. General, Family History, Social History, etc.]

Field Type: You have 5 field types you can select from Check, Drop List, Entry, Line or Text. The table below shows an example of each option.


Administration > Patient History > Field Examples



Check can be used to acknowledge a simple answer. For instance, you can create alist of diseases and ask them to check any applicable diseases.

Droplists can be created by selecting that option and enter drop list items separated by a “pipe” characther | on your keyboard [shift backslash]

Administration > Patient History > Field Examples > Droplists



Entry gives you a single line for simple answers to questions like Date of Birth, Emergency Contact etc.

Line is a graphical separator line that can be used to visually separate certain items such as questionnaire groupings etc.

Text is used in response to a question allowing a patient to elaborate on their answer, up to 255 characthers.


Move up or down in order within the Group: Using the buttons located at the bottom of the patient history form, you can select move up or down options to resort any questions contains in your patient history template.


In the Patient History example below you can see how these field options allow you to construct your patient history form.

NOTE: The Patient History is run from the Main Screen, highlight the patient, click on “Actions for Highlighted Patient” in the upper right corner and drop down to Patient History.

Administration > Patient History > Field Examples > Example Patient History