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Patient Info


Salutation, LastName, placeCityFirstName, StateMI Generation, Nick Name: Type the patients name and use the drop list for Salutation and Generation if applicable.

Note: If you need to change the name once it has been entered, click change name under Actions in the Task Pane and make the desired changes.

Copy Patient: If another family member has already been entered in to the PerfectByte system you can copy their information over to the current patient. By doing this you will save yourself repetitive data entry. The copy function pulls in address, phone numbers, email, billing party and insurance information from the selected patient. Click Copy Patient, highlight the patient to copy and click Select.


Address: Enter patients mailing address. Use Zip code look up folder to select zip code if applicable. The patients’ statements will go to this address if they are their own billing party.

Phone Numbers: Enter home, work and cell phone numbers.

Email: Enter the contact email for the patient.

Date of Birth: Enter patient date of birth.

Marital Status: Enter patient’s marital status. Single, Married, Divorced or Other.

Sex: Enter the patient’s sex, Male or Female, by clicking on the appropriate bullet.