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Patient Payments



Click Add PT Payment to enter a payment from the patient. [NOTE: this method should not be used if a payment plan is being used, see instructions under Payment Plan]

Posting Payments > Patient Payments


Step 1 – Enter Payment Amount & Type

Payment Method: Select by clicking the down arrow. If Check, Visa, MC, AMEX, DISCOVER or DEBIT are selected Check or Authorization number will be required.

Payment Amount: Should default to the current patients balance. Change this amount if different.

The payment amount should distribute automatically among the listed charges. However if the payment is not distributed correctly, double click under each Pay Amount until they are correct.

NOTE: ALL Pay Amounts in this list MUST equal the Payment Amount at the top of the payment screen. If you get the following error your individual Pay Amounts will need to be corrected to equal the total Payment Amount.

Posting Payments > Patient Payments > Error


Step 2 - Optional Information:

You can enter a Note for this payment, change the Payment Date if other than default, which is date entered, and change the Paid By source by clicking on the look up folder to select another Billing Party.

Click OK to save this payment.