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Patients by Referring Source(s)



Reports > Administrative Reports > Patients by Referring Sources



Sort By: Referring Doctor/Referring Source

Referring Doctor: Select the referring doctor or ALL to pull a report of all referring doctors.

Treating Doctor: Select the treating doctor or ALL to pull a report of all treating doctors in your practice.

Patient Status: Select a patient status for report by specific status or ALL for all statuses.

Referral Source: This report will display the Referral Source, which is other than the referring doctor. Making a selection here will show only patients referred by that source or ALL for a report of all referral sources.

Only include patients entered within a specific date range: Check this box if you want to limit the report to patient entered in to the system within a selected date range. Leave unchecked to pull ALL.

Skip Blank Referring Doctors: You can leave out patients that were not referred by a particular doctor by checking off this selection.

Show Summary Only: Shows total # of patient per referring doctor for easy reference.

Click Go to generate the report.

Reports > Admin Reports > Patients by Referring Source > Sample Report Format