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Payment Plan


This option is only available to our Orthodontic and CityplaceEnterprise users and is used to break up the patients balance into installment payments, print a payment plan contract, payment plan coupons and set up continuation of treatment billing for the insurance company. You can set up payment plans for separate billing parties as well.

Click Payment Plan to begin.


Add New Plan


Posting Payments > Payment Plan


To add a new payment plan click Add New Plan on the left side in the Task Pane.

Posting Payments > Payment Plan > Add New Plan


Step 1 – Add Pt & Ins Responsibilities

General Details of this Payment Plan

Billing Party Name: Payment plan will default to Primary Billing Party, but you can change this is necessary for this payment plan.

Plan Description: This is an optional field if you wish to give this payment plan a title or description.

Plan Start Date: This will default to today’s date or date of entry. You can change this date if necessary.

End Date: This is an optional field you can leave it blank or complete the rest of the payment plan options to determine when the payment plan end date will be.


Step 2 – Add Financial Criteria


Total Charges: This is the total balance for the bill.

Patients Responsibility: The amount the patient will own in total.

Pt Down Payment: Enter any down payment being made by the patient. When you complete the payment plan it will prompt you to post this amount to the visit.


Step 3 – Choose when to Pay

Monthly Plan Details

Payment is Due on the ___ day of each ___ month(s): Select the day of the month and in whether or not they are to be billed every month, two months, etc.

Number of Payments: Enter the number of payments.

Payments Start on: Enter the date the first payment is due.

Coupon Start Number: Generally this is 1, however in cases where a new contract has to be created and you want to pick up where the last coupon number left off, you can change this number accordingly.


Step 4 – Calculate Payment Plan

Calculate Payment Plan

Click the Calculate Payment Plan Button to calculate the payment installments based on your selections. You can click Clear and change your selections and click Calculate Payment Plan until your installments are correct.

Step 5 – [Optional]

Extra Options

Round UP or DOWN all payments but the last one to: You can enter a specific amount to round the payment installments up or down. Enter the amount and Click to recalculate your payment plan. The balance will fall in to the last payment installment.

Click OK to save this payment plan.

Posting Payments > Payment Plan > Add New Plan > Calculated




If you completed the field for Patient Down Payment you will have the option to post that amount now.

Posting Payments > Payment Plan > Add New Plan > Posting Down Payment


Click Yes to post now or No if you wish to post this down payment at a later time.

Complete the payment screen and click OK to post the payment. [This payment will be posted to the visit and you will see that once you exit the payment plan screen]

NOTE: If you post only part of the down payment you can enter back in to the payment plan by clicking Change Highlighted Plan and entering the remaining amount under Current Balances: Patient Down Payment Balance.

To delete a plan click Remove Plan.




Posting Payments to a Payment Plan



Print Payplan Ledger