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Pictures can be accessed from several locations:


From inside the patient demographics screen located in the Task Pane on the left of the patient screen, under Pictures select Show Pictures.


From the Main Screen, Click Actions for Highlighted Patient and select Pictures.


From EasyView, on the main screen, left side Task Pane, Click EasyView and the select Photos on the left. NOTE: The Easyview screen can also be accessed from the scheduler by right clicking an appointment and selecting Display EasyView.


Show Pictures

Click Show Pictures in the Task Pane to the left of the screen under Photos to view and edit existing photos or add new photos for the selected patient.

Pictures > Show Pictures





Refresh: After making any changes, including additions, deletions and photo editing click Refresh to update this view.



Print Contact Sheet: This option prints all patient photos in storage for this patient. Patients name prints at the top and individual image file names print under each photo.

Add Pictures/View Locations: This is the area where you will insert new photos or images and organize them. Click Add Pictures/View Locations, then click Insert to add a new photo/image. Browse and Select the File Location using the look up folder . Enter a Description for your image [i.e. patients name and photo description] Select an Attachment Type (optional).

Pictures > Add Pictures/View Locations



Composite Data: Select the Composite Phase and Composite Location for the image. This will translate to the Print Composite option which produces a photo composite in a standardized format with up to 8 images. Will print Doctor Information, Logo [if applicable], Date, Patients Name and Age.

NOTE: You are allowed up to 5 phases for composite photo groups.

Click OK to save your work.


Click Make this picture the default pt photo to designate a particular photo to display on the main screen and in the EasyView section. Click Close when your work is completed.


Pictures > Add Pictures/View Locations > Make picture default



Scan Image allows you to launch an external scanner automatically and bring your image up in a photo editor for saving or modifying. Click Scan Image, highlight your scanner and click Select to launch.

Pictures > Scan Image









Edit: Select a photo by highlighting it and click Edit. This will launch a photo editing screen where you can enlarge, rotate, brighten, etc. Review menu selections or hover over tool bar options to view the possibilities.

Print: This option will allow you to print an individual photo.



Click Composite to print the preformatted photo composite, select the Phase and click Start.

Pictures > Actions > Composite


The photo composite consists of 8 images [Facial, Smile, Profile, Upper, Lower, Right, Frontal, and Left] and includes the patients Name, Age, Doctor information, logo [if applicable, and the date you printed the photo composite.


Pictures >Actions > Composite Sample


Click View Slideshow to view all patient photos in a slide show presentation.

Open Imaging Utility allows you to access the photo/image editor as a stand alone. Photos can still be saved here and then add to the photos locations area.

Click Close to exit the Photo area.