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Post Large Insurance Checks



Billing >Post Large Insurance Checks


When you enter in to the Post Large Insurance Checks screen previously posted checks will appear as well as any checks that are in process but have not been posted. You can check the box to Show only unposted checks to narrow down the list if desired.


Click Post New Check to add a check.

Billing >Post Large Insurance Checks > Add New Check


Step 1 – Select Check Details

Ins Code: Using the lookup folder select the insurance company associate with the check you are posting.

Check#: Enter the Check number

Amount: Enter the amount of the entire check.


Step 2 – Select Patient and the appropriate Visit

Click Add Payment to select the patient and visit associated with the check you are posting.

Billing >Post Large Insurance Checks > Add Payment


Step 1 - Highlight the patient on the left and the visit on the right, click Use this visit.

Step 2 enter the Payment Amount, Co-Ins, Resp [which is the party responsible for the balance], Deductable and any Adjustment Amount for this patient and visit. Enter an optional note if desired and click OK to add this payment.

Repeat this step until all patients and visits for this check are entered, then click OK.


Step 3 – Post the Payments

Once you have finished adding all the payments for the selected patients you can move on to Step 3

Billing >Post Large Insurance Checks > Post the Payments


Click on Post the Payments to post all of the payments in this batch to the selected accounts.

NOTE: You will not be able to access the Post Payment button until the Total check amount equals the total of the payments posted.

Click Close to exit this screen Click Close again to exit the Post Large Insurance check screen.