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My Settings > Preferences



You can select default settings for this user in Preferences.

Default to Description on lists: This allows you to view look up lists of CDT codes, Ins Companies etc. by description instead of code; whichever you prefer. Leave unchecked to pull up lists by Code.

Do not use AutoComplete for entry forms: You will notice this feature enabled as you type repetitive words in the program, the AutoComplete will attempt to guess at what you are wanting to type and will complete the word. You can disable that feature here.

Show Picture on Main Screen: This option will default the patient photo to appear on the main screen and in the EasyView section of the program. Uncheck if you do not wish to display patient’s photos.

Expand options: The expand options refer to the Task Pane lists on the main screen of the program. Each user can set those lists to expand or contract automatically by checking or un-checking the appropriate box. .