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Prescriptions can be accessed from several locations:


From inside the patient demographics screen located in the Task Pane on the left of the patient screen, under Clinical select Prescriptions.


From the Main Screen, Click Actions for Highlighted Patient and select Prescriptions.


From EasyView, on the main screen, left side Task Pane, Click EasyView and the select Prescriptions on the left.

NOTE: The Easyview screen can also be accessed from the scheduler by right clicking an appointment and selecting Display EasyView.


Easyview > Clinical > Prescriptions


Click on Setups in the menu item above to create your default lists of Providers, Drugs, Strengths and Pharmacies

Enter a New prescription by clicking Create Script.

Easyview > Clinical > Prescriptions > Create Script



Doctor Code: Select the appropriate Doctor using the look-up folder [this will auto fill if a default doctor is already selected in patient information]

Date: Enter the date the prescription is being written; will default to today’s date which can be changed if necessary.

Drug Code: Select the desired drug from the Drug List. If the applicable drug is not listed, click Insert to add it to the list.


PT Extra > Prescriptions > Add Drug Record


Enter a Drug Code to represent the drug, Drug Name as you want it to print on the prescription, Drug Type for categorizing [i.e. Antibiotic, Pain Medication, etc.] Default Strength, Dispensed and # of Refills which you can be changed for a particular patient if necessary. Enter Directions and any special Notes [which will print on the prescription].

Once you have the proper medication for this patient entered your Drug List, highlight it and Click Select. Change any applicable fields to customize this prescription for the specific patient.

Enter Pharmacy information if applicable. [Select from your Pharmacy Master List]

You also have the option to mark the prescription as Discontinued at any time and enter a reason which will display on the previous drug list screen for this patient.

NOTE: The printed prescription header with the Doctors Name, address, DEA# etc. pull from General Settings, Master Lists, Doctors; where you will find a tab called Rx Module Information. Enter the information you would like to print on your prescriptions in this area.

Once all applicable information is entered for this patients prescription click OK to save your work. This prescription is now saved as part of their patient record. You can Print Highlighted Prescription as desired.

You can also print the patients entire Prescription History by date range.

Click Close to exit prescriptions for this patient.

NOTE: Pharmacy Lists and Drug Lists can be printed from Reports, Master List Reports.