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My Settings > Printers


Select your desired printers using the look up folder . If you do not select a printer here you will be asked where you wish to print something each time you print. So feel free to leave these fields blank if you wish to have that versatility. Remember, your printer selections are stored by user; so each user can print to their desired printers.


Invoice printer: for statements or receipts

Label Printer: for sheets of labels

Print Patient Labels on Insert: Check this option if you wish to automatically print a patient label when you enter a new patient in to the program.

Number of Label: Specify the number of Patient Labels you wish to print.

Prompt to Print Welcome Packet on Insert: Check this option if you wish to be prompted to print a welcome packet once a new patient is entered in to the system.

Report Printer: for printing reports and graphs.

Forms: for printing your CityplaceADA forms.

Scheduler Report Printer: for printing the days appointment schedules and directing them to a color printer if desired.