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Now that you have charges entered you can print a Walkout Receipt, Triple Receipt, placeCityADA form Primary, Secondary or Tertiary.

Entering Visits > Printing



Walkout Receipt: This receipt prints the charge and payment history for this visit as well as the patients next appointment date.

NOTE: You can also enter a message to print on every walk out receipt by enter that information in General Settings, Administration, Messages.

Triple Receipt: This full color graphic receipt prints an appointment card for the patient next appointment date, a receipt of the last 5 payments made along with a school/work excuse.

NOTE: You ca supress the graphics in General Settings, Administration, Messages, if you wish to use pre-printed triple receipts.

CityADA Forms: PerfectByte prints all current CityplaceADA formats, as well as DentiCAL and HCFA forms. You can print primary, secondary and tertiary forms as desired.

NOTE: You can select the form type on the right side of the visit screen; or set up in the General Settings, Administration, Default area to automatically pull the correct form type in to all your visits.