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Procedure Codes



You can also select a specific Procedure code as your appointment description, instead of an Appointment Description. Click Procedure Codes to access your Procedure code Master List.


Scheduler > General > Adding an Appointment > Procedure Codes


Click Select to choose the appropriate Procedure code for this appointment.


Scheduler > General > Adding an Appointment > Misc.



Phone: The phone number for the selected patient will automatically complete in this field.

Note: Enter any special notes on this patient in the field provided.

Labwork: If applicable set Labwork status to: Here, Pickup, Required or Not Required.

Type of Entry: At the upper center of the screen you will notice a Type of Entry option. This will default to Appointment. However you can change this to Meeting, Lunch, Other or Reminder so that you can schedule appointments other than patient appointments.

NOTE: If you select anything other than Appointment it will not count as a patient on the front screen in the calendar. Therefore, you can be assured that misc appointments are not inflating your patient count for the day.

Click OK to save the appointment. You will notice that the appointment information will show at the top right of the screen when the patients’ appointment is highlighted.


Appointments and recalls

If you schedule an appointment for a patient that has a recall assigned to them you will get the following message and be giving the opportunity to connect the appointment to that recall.

Scheduler > Appointments and Recalls


Click Yes to attach the appointment to the recall.

Scheduler > Appointments and Recalls > Attach Recalls


Double click the desired recall(s) to Tag them with a check, then click Close to save.

NOTE: By attaching recalls to appointments you will insure that when running your recall list that patients that are already scheduled will be filtered out appropriately.