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PT Extra > Recalls



Click on Recalls in the task pane to the left of the patient information screen to enter recalls for this patient.

Click Insert to add a new recall.

Recall Date: Enter the date you wish to have the patient return to the office.

Doctor Code: Select the doctor the patient will be seeing using the look up folder .

Recall Reason: You can type a recall reason in this field or select from Recall Types or CDT Codes. Click to the appropriate look up folder to access the Recall Type and CDT Codes lists.

This is a Recurring Recall: If this is a recall that you wish to recur check this box and enter the number of months to each recurrance and the start date for those recurring.

Now when you enter appointments for this patient you will be notified that there are recalls associated with the patient. At that time it will allow you to connect those recalls to the appointment.

If the patient was a “No Show” for their appointment then the recall will be reactivated. The check box This Recall was not Kept will be checked off.

You can enter a Note for this recall to print on your recall cards.

To disable a recall click the box to check Disable This Recall.


Click OK to save your work. Click Close to exit the Recall screen.