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Receivables Reports



Reports > Financial Reports > Receivables Reports



Doctor: Select the doctor using the look up folder or type ALL to pull outstanding balances for all doctors within your practice.

Sort Report Data By: You can sort the report in several different orders by: DOS [Date of Service], Entry date, Responsibility, Name, Ins Balance or Patient Balance.

NOTE: All balances will show on this report. The sort options arrange the report in different orders. Therefore, if you select insurance balance as your sort; you will still see patient balances. However, the insurance balances will be grouped in order by the carrier name.

Do not Subtotal: The report defaults to subtotal by your selected sort order. Click this option to eliminate subtotaling by your sort order.

The report will subtotal by default with a Grand Total at the bottom.

Patient Status: Select a specific patient status to show on the report OR ALL to pull patients by all statuses.

Click Go to generate the report.

Reports > Financial Reports > Receivables Reports > Sample Report Format