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The scheduler contains a built in reminder system for internal use. Click Reminders at the top of the scheduler in the menu selections to add a reminder for you or a staff member.


Scheduler > Reminders



Add Reminder: Click add reminder to enter a reminder for a particular date and time.

Scheduler > Reminders > Add Reminder



Subject: Enter a brief description of your reminder as the subject.

Details: Enter a more detailed description if desired in the details area, 255 characters allowed.

Date/Time/Duration: Enter the date and time you would like this reminder to come up for and a duration for this reminder/task.

Name/Phone: If this reminder is related to a specific patient you can select their name here which will automatically bring forward their phone number for your convenience.

Alarm: Check the alarm box if you wish to be notified about this reminder. Use the Quick Lookup menu to select how long prior to the reminder you would like to be notified. A Date and Time will appear below based on your selection.

NOTE: The scheduler must be open for reminders to work.


When you open your scheduler the reminder will appear giving you the option to Open Item for review or Dismiss Item.


Scheduler > Reminders > Alert


Click Close to exit the reminder if you wish to take no action.

NOTE: You can also view all Alarms for a particular day by entering in to Reminders and clicking on Alarms. This is handing for reviewing all reminders/tasks for a particular day in advance.