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Search for a Patient



Click Search in the menu items at the top of the scheduler and select For a Patient, to search for a particular patient or family member’s appointment.


Scheduler > Search > For a Patient


This list will automatically default to show you “Only Show Appointments from Today Forward” but you can uncheck this option at the bottom left of the screen to see all appointments.

Type the patient for family members name to look up any appointments scheduled for them.

Once you find the appointment you can highlight it and click Go to view for this day to jump to the scheduled day. This way you can schedule another family member or make changes to the highlighted patients’ appointment.

You can also click on Insert Appointment to add an appointment to that date without jumping to the schedule view and/or you can Change the highlighted Appointment by selecting that option. You can also Delete an appointment if necessary from this screen.

Click Close to exit the patient search screen.