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Search for Openings



Use the Search for Openings option to look for open appointment slots using specific criteria. To access search for openings, click on Search at the top of the scheduler in the menu options and drop down to For Openings.


Scheduler > Search > For Opening


Resource: Select a resource or chair for your search criteria or type ALL to search all chairs/columns

Duration: Enter a duration for your desired appointment slot.

Start/End Date: Enter a date range for your search.

Weekday: You can specify a particular day of the week for the appointment and have an option to Skip Weekend Days by checking that option.

Start/End Time: You can narrow your search criteria even further by entering a start and end time.

NOTE: If you wish to search for all openings during hours of operation be sure that you have your open and close time entered in the start and end time.

Schedule Appointment: Once you find the appointment desired highlight it and click Schedule Appointment to bring up the appointment scheduling screen for that day and time.

The Search by Opening screen will automatically close once the appointment is scheduled. To exit search for openings without making an appointment click Close.