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Administration > Statements/Receipts



Walkout Receipts: Enter a default message here that will print on every walkout receipt, printed from the visit screen.

Credit Card Acceptance Message: This message will print on patient statements. I.e. Visa, Master Card, and American Express Accepted

Credit Card Merchant ID and Merchant Reg Key: If you sign up for integrated credit card processing you will need to complete the information in these fields. Until these fields are completed, automated credit card fields and features throughout the program are not accessible.

Do Not Print Next Payment Due on Walkout Receipt: By selecting this option, next payment due will not print on the Walkout Receipt.

Hide Credit Card Info on Walkout Receipt: will supress credit card acceptance information from the walkout receipt printed from the visit screen.

Print DX Code on Statements and Receipts: This option is available and particularly useful if you are giving your patients a receipt that they can then submit to their insurance carrier.

Print Doctor TIN and NPI on Statements and Receipts: Again an excellent option for receipts that are intended to be use to submit to ins ruance companies who will want this information. Pulls in the TIN and NPI number from the Doctor file in General Settings, Master Lists.