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Step 1 – Select your Search Criteria and Choose Search



Select your criteria in step one and then click Search to view claims/visits that meet the selected criteria.

Choose Type of Claim: Select the type(s) of claims you which to pull in to your batch. Claims, Pre-Treatment Estimates, Continuation of Treatment forms or ALL to pull all claim types into one batch.

Re Print Forms even if they are already processed – This option allows you to pull in claims that have already been processed in case you want to pull in claims again for resubmission.

Only Select Claims with Insurance – By checking this box you will insure that only claims with an insurance company get pulled in to the queue.

Include Zero Balances: If you check this box you will also get claims with zero balances if you are submitting all visit for patients regardless of balance. Otherwise, only visits with an insurance balance will pull in to the queue.

Choose Doctor – Select an individual Doctor or ALL to pull in forms for all doctors.

Insurance Code: If you wish to submit for a single insurance company select the appropriate code using the look up folder. or type ALL to pull in claims for all carriers.

PlaceNameplaceSelect PlaceNameDate PlaceTypeRange for Claims – You can pull claims in by Date Entered or Visit Date.

NOTE: Date Entered refers to the date in which the visit was entered in to PerfectByte, Visit Date refers to the Visit Date entered at the top right side of the particular visit; this is also the date that reflects on the main screen of PerfectByte

Continuation of Treatment Options:

Pull in specific COT claims by selecting the status of Not Printed, Printed but not Paid, or Printed and Paid. Select ALL to pull in every COT between the selected date range regardless of status.

NOTE: Using the criteria of Printed but not paid is a great way to filter through and resubmit claims that you have not yet been paid on but are overdue.

Select the CDT code for your COT batch or leave as ALL to pull in every claim.


Mark claims as processed when removing them from the listYes will mark the claims as being processed, No will not mark the claims and Ask Me will just bring up a message asking you if you wish to mark them as processed. Example: If you are running a batch a second time due to printer problems for instance; you should mark this No so that the claims do not get marked twice as being processed.

This information will display on the main screen of PerfectByte, highlight the patient and the visit and click on the Activity at a Glance tab on the highlighted visit.


Click Search, in the Task Pane on the left side of the screen once you have selected your criteria and a list of patients and claims that meet your selected criteria will appear in Step 2.

Billing > Insurance Forms > Step 2- Verify