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Step 1 – Select you search criteria and click Search Button



Choose Doctor: Select the specific Doctor for the batch of statements you are generating or leave as ALL to pull statements for all doctors.

Select Billing Cycle: This information is entered for each patient in the demographic area.

Where Balances are Due Between: Set a date range for your statement query. You can advance the date to bill patients for the upcoming installments or back date the to date to only send statements for past due installments.

Where each visit has a Minimum Balance of: This option is available in case you want to set a limit for minimum balances to print. For instance you may not want to generate a bill if there is only $1.00 or less as the balance. NOTE: If you leave the amount set to zero the system will generate statements for clients even if they have no balance.

Print if there is an Insurance Balance: If you wish to send your patients' statements even if the insurance holds the entire balance, mark this option with a check. Otherwise leave blank to generate statement only if the patient has a balance.

Skip Patients on Payment Plan: Use option to bill patients who are not on a payment plan ONLY. Leave unchecked to pull in all statements for patients will and without payment plans.

Show all payments on Multiple Billing Party Visits: By selecting this option all payments regardless of billing party will appear on the patient’s statement.

Remove Records with No Due Now Amount: Check this box if you do not want to send out statements that have a total balance but no “Due Now” amount.

Skip if statement printed on or after: Enter a date MM/DD/YY to filter out statements printed on or after a particular date. [I.e. if you just printed statements last week, you may not want to pull in any of those statements] Leave this field blank to pull in ALL statements regardless of date last printed.

Mark Statements as Printed when removing them from the list:

YES, will add a line to the Activity at a Glance tab on the main screen of PerfectByte next to the visit tab with a line indicating a statement has been printed.

NO, will not mark the Activity at a Glance area.

ASK ME, will give you the option once the statements are printed to mark Activity at a Glance or not.

Type of Statement: Select All Transactions, Balance Forward and New Items Since Last Statement or Open claims only for the statement content.

Transaction Criteria: You can select the statement transaction list format to reflect, Insurance/Patient/Total or Charge/Payment/Running Balance.

Print Next Appointment, Aging, Credit Card Payment box and/or Payment Notes from previous transactions.

You can also select a starting Invoice Number for your statements. This number will automatically calculate upwards after each statement batch is run.

Statement Message/Aging Messages: Enter a message for all statements being generated and or Aging Messages which will generate based on the balance aging for each statement.

Set Printed Statement Date to be: This date will default to the last date that you printed statements. You can change the date as desired, most commonly the actual date you generated and printed the statements for mailing to your patients.

Click Search to generate statements based on the above criteria.