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Step 2 – Verify Recalls and Print


Once you have your criteria selected in Step 1, click Search to run the recall query.


Reports > Patient Reports > Patient Recalls > Step 2


You can review the contents of the recall query on the screen or print a report.

Tag: You can tag and remove any recalls that you do not wish to print by using the Tag/Untag, Tag All, Untag All buttons at the bottom of the screen, or just double click on the recall(s) you wish to remove and then click Remove Tagged to take them out of the recall query.


View Notes: Click this button at the bottom of the screen to access patient notes in order to document you recall calls or for any other reason including reviewing existing patient notes.

View Recall: Click this button to access the recalls for this patient. This is useful if you want to see all existing recalls or even to edit a recall or set it to disable to remove it from future recall queries.


Column Descriptions

Created From: Shows you how the recall was determined, by Procedure, Existing Recall or Appointment.

Patients Name: Patients name is displayed.

Recall Date: Displays the recall date for existing recalls created manually.

Trigger Proc: Shows the procedure used in the query to find the recall.

Last Visit: Shows the last visit date used in the query.

Trigger Appt: If you search by Any Appointment under Date selection the appointment date that was found that met the criteria selected will display.

Next Appt: Shows the next appointment on the scheduler for this patient so that you can decide if you still need to send a recall card to this patient.

Age, Doctor, Phone, Recall Reason: If you scroll to the right you will see this additional information related to the recalls found in the query.



Print: Once you are certain all the recalls are valid and ready to print you can click the down arrow under Print to select Report, 2-Across Labels, 3-Across Labels or Recall cards. Click the print button once you have made your selection.

Click Close to exit the Recall Report screen. You can clear the batch or leave it if you are still working on it and come back to print the recalls card etc. at a later time.