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You can transfer a balance from the patient to the insurance company of visa versa. Click Transfer to begin.

Posting Payments > Transfer



Step 1 – Enter Transfer Amount and Transfer To

Transfer Amount: This amount will default to the total balance due. If the amount is not correct you can modify it.

Transfer From: Select the patient or insurance code you which to transfer the amount from using the drop down list . PATIENT will be listed along with any insurance companies associate with this patient and visit.

Transfer To: Using the drop down list, select the insurance company or patient for the destination of the transfer.

This is a Deductible Transfer: Check this box if the transfer is for a deductible. By doing this the transfer amount will automatically be tallied in the patients insurance information as applied deductible.

Step 2 – Verify Transfer Amounts for each Charge

The transfer amount should distribute automatically among the listed charges. However if the transfer is not distributed correctly, double click under each Transfer Amount [third column] and make your corrections.

NOTE: ALL Transfer Amounts in this list MUST equal the Transfer Amount at the top of the payment screen. If you get an error your individual Transfer Amounts will need to be corrected to equal the total Transfer Amount.

You can also enter an Optional Note for this Transfer.

Click OK to save your work.