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Treatment Plans



Treatment Plans can be accessed from several locations:


From inside the patient demographics screen located in the Task Pane on the left of the patient screen, under PT Extras select Treatment Plans.


From the Main Screen, Click Actions for Highlighted Patient and select Treatment Plans.


From EasyView, on the main screen, left side Task Pane, Click EasyView and the select Treatment Plans on the left. NOTE: The Easyview screen can also be accessed from the scheduler by right clicking an appointment and selecting Display EasyView.


Click Treatment Plans in the Task Pane on the left side of the Patient Information screen to access and create Treatment Plans for this patient.

PT Extra > Treatment Plans



All existing treatment plans for the selected patient will be listed here. To create a new treatment plan, click New Treatment Plan.

PT Extra > Treatment Plans > New Treatment Plan



Enter a Plan Type to define this Treatment Plan and a Plan Name to further customize this Treatment Plan for the individual patient.

Note: Enter a note to further outline your treatment plan for this patient.

Plan Date: Enter the date you wish to print on the treatment plan report.

Default Category: You can Select Preferred or Required to categorize a particular Treatment Plan or leave set to ALL.

Doctor: Select the Billing Doctor and Treating Doctor.

Add Procedure: Click add procedure to begin building the content of your treatment plan.

PT Extra > Treatment Plans > Add Procedure



Procedure Code: Select a Procedure code as part of this treatment plan.

Quantity: Enter the number of times is repeated for a particular date of service.

Amount: this represents the total charge for this CDT code. Ins Amount and Pt Amount should automatically complete based on your default settings. If this does not occur just enter the proper amounts manually. NOTE: The Ins + Patient amount must = the amount [total].

Category: You can categorize this procedure as being Preferred or Required as part of this treatment plan. These categories will help you break down options for the patients. This information will print on a treatment plan that you can present to the patient.

NOTE: You can add additional Categories for your treatment plans by clicking Treatment Plan Categories on the initial treatment plan screen.

Click OK to save this code and charge to your treatment plan. Repeat this procedure until you have added all the procedures you wish to be on this treatment plan.


Add Procedure Group: If you have any procedures that you always do ina group such as records or a particular treatment plan that you always do based on the patients classification you can add those procedures all at one using the Add Procedure Group option.

Highlighted Record Actions: You can put the procedures in a different order and show/hide the charges to customize the plan even further.

Once your treatment plan is complete you can print it and present it to your patients by clicking Print Plan. Click Close to exit the Treatment Plan screen.