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Tx [Treatment] Chart


EasyView > Ortho Chart > Tx Chart



Click on the Tx Chart tab to enter your Band and Bond placements and to enter your chart notes for the day.

You can track Elastic Locations and movement over time in the teeth graphics area. To place an elastic, click Elastics, select the elastics you are using [you can create your own pick list] click on the first tooth and then the connecting tooth or teeth for that one elastic, then click OK] Then click on Elastics again to place the second Elastic, Powerchain etc.

Right click on a tooth to access, Visual Treatment Objective, IPR, Extraction, Missing and Impacted tooth graphics and more.


Click Insert under the Notes area to add a note for this patient.

Enter Oral Hygiene, Patient Compliance, Overjet, Overbite, UAW, LAW, Todays Note, Next Visit Note and when you want the Next Appt scheduled for from the Note screen.

EasyView > Ortho Chart > Tx Chart


Click OK to save your Note.


From the Menu selections at the top you can Print the patients Treatment Chart, Initial Exam, or an Extraction Request.

Click Actions to access External Imaging, Documents, Lab/Xray Tracking, Medical Conditions, Notes, Outbound Referrals, Pictures, Prescriptions, Recalls, Scanning and Treatment Plans.


Click Close to save and exit the chart.