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Vacation and Compensation



This tab is also optional but is an excellent way to track hours used for vacation and sick leave. Click on the Vacation and Compensation tab at the top of the screen to enter preferences.


Figure 11.5 Timeclock > Admin > Maintain Emp Info > Vacation/Compensation



Enter the annual Vacation and Sick hours allotted to this employee. In addition, enter any Available Personal and/or Comp Time available.


As the employee uses this time throughout the year it will be deducted automatically from this total.


Click Insert to enter the employees pay rate by date range in to the Salary Table.


Figure 11.6 Timeclock > Admin > Maintain Emp Info > Salary Table



Enter the employees Regular Rate of pay Per Hour and OT [Overtime] Rate Per Hour if applicable. Enter an effective From and Through Date. This is usually the date range between pay increases.

By entering this information you will have an historical record of pay increases as time goes by.

Click OK to save your work. Click OK again to exit and save this employees information.

Click Close to return to the Employees File screen where you will see a list of all your employees and general information. You can Insert, Change and Delete records from this screen.


NOTE: Remember only the Administrator should have access to this area.


Figure 11.7 Timeclock > Administration > Maintain Employee Info > Emp List



You can also leave messages for your employees which they will receive the next time the clock in on the date that you set the message for.


Highlight the employees name in the list and Click at the bottom of the screen.


Figure 11.8 Timeclock > Administration > Maintain Employee Info > Messages



Click Insert to add a new message.

Enter the Message Date: this is the date you would like the message to appear for the selected employee. Type in your message and click OK.

The employee will have an opportunity to acknowledge the message which will automatically complete the received date and will check off the received box.


Click OK to save you Message and click Close to exit the messages screen.