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View Documents


Click View Documents to access the custom letter writer. This is where you will create Welcome letters and custom Payment Plan Contracts [if applicable]. You can Create a new document, modify an existing document or delete a document by selecting these options in the task pane to the left of the screen on using the buttons on the right.

Click Create New Document to begin.

View Documents > Create New Document



Type your letter and add data Tokens, located in the list to the right; by double clicking to insert data fields that you would like to automatically complete in your form letter. You can also Click the Diag, Doctor or Refer buttons at the bottom right to access lists of Diagnosis codes, Doctors and Referring Physician and select them to automatically complete the letter with the chosen information.

Enter a Letter Name and Type and Click OK to save this letter. These letters can now be accessed and printed from Patient Information, Actions for Highlighted Patient on the main screen or from the EasyView section in PerfectByte.

Spell Check: If you have MS word you can utilize the spell check feature which launches the MS word Spelling and Grammer checking utility and reviews your letter for errors.

NOTE: Types include Welcome, Statement, Checkout, Contract, Telephony. If you select Welcome letter as your type to automatically print this letter from the Patient Information screen.